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Contributed by Yokesh Thirumoorthi on 12 Jul 2013

Neev technologies, which was recently acquired by RazorFish, a global digital marketing leader focuses on software trends and its evolution and delivers business solutions with cutting-edge technology choices. Ideas Inhouse at Neev, an initiative by the mobile practice team at Neev technologies, is a technical forum to collaborate and to measure the research initiatives on Mobile based technologies. Understanding the need to perpetually upgrade the skill-sets of each developer while being in tandem with fast growing technology options, this initiative encourages each of its members to continually learn and contribute workable ideas with proof of concepts.

The objective of Ideas Inhouse is to record new ideas or initiatives and to effectively track the effort and the work progress on each idea.

The simple agenda of this initiative is that all the ideas are initially registered in an Idea Bucket where the initiator of each idea has to provide a brief description about the idea along with the reference links if any.

There is no hard and fast rule that only an idea initiator must own the proposed idea and deliver it as a proof of concept but, is based on interest and availability. Any of the Ideas Inhouse’s developer is free to make a choice. Primarily, the scope and roadmap for the proof of concept are clearly defined and the work progress is tracked against these defined plans. Thus ideas are converted to real-time proofs of concept in Ideas Inhouse.

Some of the principal initiatives of Ideas Inhouse include: a simple mobile application on Augmented Reality which is considered as the future of interactive computing systems for Android-based mobile devices; development of rich internet applications for the mobile environment using Java FX Mobile; and Core Data implementation with best practices for iOS applications.

Along with owning responsibility of converting an idea from a simple thought into an implementable proof of concept, the developers also proliferate their learning to their peers by conducting technical sessions. This practice of learning, implementing and sharing of knowledge makes Ideas Inhouse a comprehensive knowledge hub at Neev.

With Ideas Inhouse, we build a highly skilled and focused community of mobile application developers who always stay atop the latest mobile trends and innovations.

- Contributed by Yokesh Thirumoorthi

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