Is Cloud computing & Mobile Access that safe?

admin wrote this on 22 Oct 2011

Much of the internet’s impact on society has been positive, as people are able to connect with each other and with information much more efficiently than ever before.  But cracks in the foundation of trust have been widening as more people have bad experiences in their online travels. Broadband and wireless users don’t just surf through the online world, they shape it. They are more intense than other users about their online communications and media use: uploading, downloading, sharing, and trading.

According to researches, internet users are jumping into the participatory Web without considering all the implications.  If nothing really bad has happened to someone, they tend neither to worry about their personal information nor to take steps to limit the amount of information that can be found about them online. On the other hand, if someone has had a bad experience with embarrassing or inaccurate information being posted online, they are more likely to take steps to limit the availability of personal information.

Web 2.0, or the participatory web, has also raised new questions about the definition of “personal information.” Are your searches regarding your ex-boyfriend something you would like to keep private?  The five most popular search engines routinely archive a user’s search terms, their computer’s address, and the unique identifier for their Web browser for 13-18 months. is the only company to offer an “eraser” for those revealing key words. How about the cute page you created on Facebook but then deleted after graduation? It may be more difficult to delete it than you thought.

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