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Magento Performance Comparison Between AWS and Digital Ocean - A Few Findings

Contributed by Anoop P B on 22 Aug 2013

We did a performance comparison between Amazon AWS and Digital Ocean and here is our preliminary findings.

We set up base Magento on AWS as well as on DigitalOcean (DO) (SSD based cloud) and did some tests using sample data. In all cases, AWS version was faster loading by 20 to 30% on reasonably comparable configurations.

These are identically tuned LAMP setups. The configurations used are:

On AWS - 2 virtual cores, 1.7 GB memory (with and without IOPS were checked)

On DO - 2 virtual cores, 2GB memory. When the DO machine is bumped up to 8GB quad-core (which is still half the cost of a medium EC2), it somewhat matches the medium EC2 performance.

While these are preliminary findings, presently we are loading more data and doing some more tests.

Refer to the screenshots below:






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