My AWS Wishlist

Contributed by Khurshidali Shaikh on 22 Apr 2013

AWS services are just awesome but like any service/tool there are always more that you expect from them. Here is my AWS wishlist.

  1. Support for gzip encoding for S3. This is useful when serving static assets like Javascript, CSS over S3/Cloudfront. With gzip download time will reduce for ascii files since most browsers support this encoding. Also lack of gzip hurts the Yslow score of webpages.
  2. PostgreSQL on RDS
  3. Ability to upload a zip file on S3. After upload it should automatically explode into the structure contained in the zip file. At times you need to be able to upload multiple files or whole directory tree at once instead of one file at a time. Ability to upload in one shot is atomic and convenient.
  4. Ability to store more than 64KB in DynamoDB. This will allow it to be used for more applications.
  5. Ability to use weighted algorithm in addition to round-robin in ELB.
  6. Some way to monitor/control bandwidth usage at a finer level. This will be useful in creating SaaS application where customers need to be billed based on storage and bandwidth usage. Measuring storage is easy by just measuring the storage consumed on S3, etc by each customer. This may work in combination with IAM quotas if it can be controlled at a granular level.

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