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Have a safer cloud identity in year 2013

Contributed by Neev Technologies on Dec 31 2012

Recent technology advancement has made communication easier but at the same time it has exposed us with plethora of risks also. This blog post lists simplest things which will make your cloud identity safer in year 2013. 1. Password-protect your devices: Your smartphone, your iPad, your computer, your tablet, etc....

A Brief Explanation of Cloud Computing For Small Businesses

Contributed by Neev Technologies on Dec 30 2012

About the Author: Sabi Goriawala is VP, Marketing at SmartSignin.SmartSignin is the Smart, Simple & the most Secure way for Consumers & Enterprises to manage IDs, passwords & privacy on the Web/Cloud. So, you’re hearing all this hype about the “cloud.” Everyone’s talking about it, but seldom do they know...