Making Open Source Software Beautiful

Contributed by Vinci Rufus on 28 Dec 2012

During the tea break at our Office Cafeteria I overheard an conversion where a bunch of guys were debating on why most of the Open Source Software looked so terrible and were a usability nightmare especially when trying to start working with it.

That’s when I realized how absolutely true it was. Pondering more over it I realized that most of the open source software are built entirely by programmers and very few or no designers contributing to the project. I’m not really sure why, probably because programmers are more passionate about Open Source while designers are too busy trying see from where they could get the money to buy that Macbook Pro or that 27″ Cinema Display.

Anyways so I went back to my Usability team and User Interaction team and said hey why don’t we try and make good looking and usable Interfaces for some of the open source software out there? I guess is kind of rang a bell , I instantly saw their eyes lit up, as if given the chance to solve a First World Problem. Well not a first world problem but surely they were on to solving a problem for the Open Source World.

Eagerly waiting to see what they can come up with. Will keep you posted.


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