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Factory Girl with Test Console

Contributed by Neev Technologies on 27 Sep 2012

I thought I’ll share something I picked up yesterday while trying hard to figure out answers to these questions, being fairly new to factory girl (I’ve mostly used fixtures before ) :

  1. How to create new Factories and model associations between them
  2. Test the factories I created .

It would have been easy if we could have something like the rails console to create objects from the factories and see if they are alright . We know the rails console command accepts the environment as the parameter , and since the factories are loaded in the test environment , wouldn’t running the rails console in “test” environment let us create objects out of Factories ? Yes !

$ rails c test ( This will start the console in test environment )

>hiring_event =  Factory(:hiring_event_with_candidates) ( This works ! )


So if somebody wants to test your dependencies in factories , don’t hesitate to use the test console !

Another useful thing to note : you may find yourself restarting the console everytime you change the factories , because the console doesn’t reflect live changes . Save yourself the trouble .

> FactoryGirl.reload ( will reload all factories , so you don’t have to restart the console everytime you change a factory )

Contributor : Emil Soman

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