5 Top Mobile Application Trend in 2012

admin wrote this on 27 Sep 2012

As the smart phone market grows, so too do the apps you can use on them. According to Gartner’s Research these are top five mobile application trends for the year 2012.


Location Based Services:

Location is one of the main enablers that deliver services to users based on their context and, Gartner expects the total user base of consumer location-based services to reach 1.4 billion users by 2014.


Social Networking:

Mobile social networking is the fastest-growing consumer mobile app category of the 19 tracked by Gartner. Social network platforms are sucking in increasing amounts of network traffic. They are becoming portals, transit hubs and cloud storage for increasing amounts of messaging and e-mail traffic, videos, photos, games and commerce

Mobile Search:

Visual search is usually related with product search to enable price comparisons or to check product information. To bring mobile search to the next level, the app would allow users to take actions based on the result, such as making a call or reservation, buying a ticket, placing an order, and so on.

Mobile Commerce:

Today, mobile commerce is more of an extension of e-commerce but in a smaller form factor and with a more-streamlined experience. In the future, Gartner expects richer mobile commerce capabilities to expand from native apps to the mobile browser as HTML5 starts to be deployed, though this will happen at a much later stage.

Mobile Payment:

Although near field communication (NFC) payment will be included in high-end phones from 2011, Gartner does not believe that it will become main stream before 2015. In order to get consumers on board, payment solution providers need to address ease-of-use for users and ease-of-implementation for customers without compromising security.

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