Questions to ask a Magento client during Requirement Gathering

Contributed by admin on 24 Sep 2012

There are a lot of customers who want to start an ecommerce site and focus more on the front end features that the site should have but have little or no clue about the backend functionality that is required for the execuition and processing of orders and this causes a lot of confusion and delays.

Its important that we during business phase educate the client and ask him/her some important questions

Some of them are :

  1. What products are you selling and what categories will you have?
  2. What kind of products are you selling?
    1. Are they going to be simple products ( eg: I buy a book and add to cart)
    2. Configurable Products ( eg: T-Shirt where I can select a size, color, etc)
    3. Grouped Product (eg: buy a cricket bat, along with ball and stumps, pads etc)
    4. Download products (eg: digital poster, eBook downloads)
  3. Will you have these products in your own warehouse or will you be procuring it from vendors and delivering it?
  4. Will you be doing Drop Ships?
  5. How will you receive payments?
    1. Credit cards
    2. Net Banking
    3. Cash On Delivery ( This is heavily dependant on the logistics company)
  6. Have you identified a logistics partner and what is their pricing model? ( Unless client is offering free shipping)
  7. Have you identified what taxes are applicable to your products, VAT, Octroi, Customs if shipped out of country?
  8. How will you manage Inventory?

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