Indian Application Development Market is Expected to Grow at 22.6 Percent

admin wrote this on 30 Aug 2012

The Indian application development maintenance (ADM) software market is expected to be more than $227 million in 2012, an increase of 22.6 per cent over 2011, according to research firm Gartner. Growth will be driven by new software delivery models, new development methodologies, emerging mobile application development and open source software. As more users switch from laptops to tablets and smart phones, the shift will hasten change in applications development as well.

Salient Point of the Research:

  1. Cloud is changing the way applications are designed, tested and deployed, resulting in a significant shift in AD priorities.
  2. Cost is a major driver, but also agility, flexibility and speed to deploy new applications.
  3. Almost 90 per cent of large, mainstream enterprises and government agencies will use some aspect of cloud computing by 2015.
  4. It predicts that at least 70 per cent of new enterprise Java applications will be deployed on an open source Java application server by the end of 2017.

Figure : World Wide Trend IN Mobile Application Development

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