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Easily Change Default Magento text and Labels

Contributed by Vinci Rufus on 3 Sep 2011

Trying to change the default text and labels in Magento usually involves drilling through multiple template files and doing a whole lot of Find and Replace.

For example, trying to change the default text from ‘Log In’ to  Sign In or change ‘My Cart’ to Shopping Cart etc would require you to turn on Template Hint Paths and locate those pHTML files and make the necessary changes.

A much easier alternative to that would be to enable Translate Inline via the Admin Module.

  1. After logging into the Admin select System > Configuration
  2. Select the Default Store View under Current Configuration Scope.
  3. Under the Developer tab enable Translate Inline for Front-end.
  4. Save the Configuration and you are done!!

Now, refresh the frontend and you should be seeing red dotted boxes around those terms. Mouse over them and click the book icon - this will open up the edit form in a lightbox. Make the necessary changes and save it and your job is done. As simple as that !!!

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