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TrendyWalks - A Hybris-based eCommerce Concept Store

Contributed by Prashanth Jilla on 15 Apr 2014

As Hybris grows into the future of eCommerce, we at RazorfishNeev, have put together a global team of Hybris certified experts. This blog outlines an eCommerce concept store created by the Hybris Centre of Excellence, Bangalore.

TrendyWalks is a Hybris-based fashion and lifestyle eCommerce portal. It retails apparel, footwear, accessories and other fashion and lifestyle products.

Apart from the features like menu, categories, cart etc that Hybris supports, we have also added a few custom features that better the offering in terms of ease of use, rich UI and aiding sales.

Let us go through some of them:

1. Custom Theme for Store

We created a custom UI with rich interface, minimalist classy design and effects. Being an eCommerce platform, it is high on intuitiveness and appeal.

2. Featured Products and details

This feature lists down the latest products that have been added to the store. This means that the most recent trends across product categories get showcased on the landing page.

3. Recently Viewed Products

The browser history is used to collate this list (maximum of last 10 products), if the user is not logged into his account. In case the user has signed in, then the user history is used as a reference to create this listing.

4. Recently Purchased Products

This feature is a real-time feed that displays the products (last 10 products) that are being purchased online through TrendyWalks at the time that the user is surfing the portal. Thus, the most popular/ fast selling products are displayed on the screen that could further help in up-selling and providing fashion-relevant trend-based sales inputs to the user.

5. Product Comparison

By using this feature, a user can compare between similar products in a category to be able to better decide what suits his needs and budget.

A feature-wise comparison of product details side-by-side gives the user a clear picture thus helping him make informed choices based on relativity.

Rather than having to visit the product listing page every time a product needs to be added for comparison, the feature allowed products to be added from the product comparison page itself.


6. Popular Search Terms

A list of top 50 terms that have been most frequently used for searching products on the TrendyWalks eCommerce portal are listed under this section. The size of a search term indicates how frequently the user searched with that keyword. These search terms serve as prompts to the user for correct search terms and trending products across the portal.

7. Price Customization

This feature provides the option to strike off the MRP and display a discounted price. It is particularly useful during festive season, special sale and flat discounts.

8. Payment Gateway Integration (PayPal)

On checkout, the user can opt for payment via credit card or through PayPal. The payment gateway integration provides the user both options to pay for the purchase.

TrendyWalks is an internal project, but having received positive feedback from our stakeholders, we decided to showcase it on our blog. We are constantly working towards delivering Hybris solutions that are flexible, scalable and reliable.

9. Back-order:

Through this feature, users can place a back-order for a product that is currently out of stock. The feature allows the admin to select products for which back-order could be accepted.  A minimum limit for number of orders was set so that the order amount becomes economically viable. The admin could implement limits for minimum and maximum number of back orders to be accepted. This feature also allows users to add out-of-stock products to cart which was not possible earlier in Hybris.


10. Pre-order:
This feature allows users to pre-order a product. The store would display product details and would also provide a release date for the product. A functionality was implemented to prevent users from adding pre-ordered or back-ordered products to cart along with in-stock products.


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