F&I (Finance and Insurance) Deals for a brand new car using Microsoft AX

Contributed by Kumar V on 28 Oct 2013

The client is a US-based provider of innovative technology solutions to the automobile industry and Microsoft partnered to make things easier at automotive dealerships for dealers and their customers. In addition to the family of client’s products, it has also developed fully-integrated modules. Neev aided the client in the development of the modules.

The Desking, Finance & Insurance application extends the client’s services to provide a paperless, mobile, self-service, desking and F&I solution. F&I is an online web application developed by Neev which helps the finance, insurance and sales associates of the client’s customers to create different scenarios for a walk-in customer or an organization to buy a car and provide various options. The F&I (Finance and Insurance) associate of a car dealer can add customers and vehicles to the scenario according to the customer’s needs as well as provide them with various financing/insurance options. The scenario contains basic information about the vehicle such as rebates, taxes, fees, price, financer’s information, etc.

F&I application consists of web application and services. The services are used to push the data from Microsoft AX to F&I. Data consists of customer and vehicle details which will be used in F&I web application.

F&I associates (F&I users) use the F&I application to create a deal for a customer when he/she walks in to a dealer store to buy a car. How does the application work? Firstly, the F&I associates take the customer details (First Name, Last Name, Address, Phone and Email details) that are required for creating a deal in F&I application from the customer. These details are pushed to AX through services. Then, the F&I associate starts creating a desk with different scenarios, each consisting of Vehicle, Lender, Fees & Taxes, Aftermarket, Service Contract, Rebate, Insurance and Trade-In details. Once the F&I associate is done with all the data required for creating a deal, a deal process is initiated.

If the deal is successfully included in F&I application and the specified criterion like whether:

1)  Vehicle status is suitable

2)  Complete details of customer are provided

3)  Attached items such as Aftermarket, service contract, Rebate, Insurance have expired

are met, then the application sends the deal to the contract console for contract signing. The deal is then sent as ‘Delivered deal’ to AX with all the data from the F&I application using services. The team uses AX to check if all the data sent match the criterion required for accounting.  Then, using F&I, the deal is closed for that particular customer and the deal data sent to AX for accounting purpose.

In the F&I application, we have a setup where the F&I users can include Lender, Fees & Taxes, Aftermarket, Service Contract, Rebate and Insurance details. The items that are created in the setup will be used in scenarios that are created with the respective customer in mind. We have a customer setup where the customer details will be collected and entered into F&I app and will then be pushed to AX for integration purpose.

Visual Studio 2010, ASP.NET ,C#, .NET, MVC-4 RC, SQL Server 2008, IIS 6, LINQ, JavaScript, JQuery.

Implementation Frameworks:
•    MVC v4
•    CSS3 and HTML5
•    Adapter Abstraction for DMS Data Access
•    Pluggable DMS

Data Services:
•   Dynamics AX Abstractions
•   Read services using direct reads from AX database
•   Views on Linked Servers
•   Create, Update, Delete Services will utilize integration services
•   SharePoint services

Integration Services:
•    Replication Services
•    DMS Master Data sent to F&I
•    F&I Master Data sent to DMS
•    Transactional Services
•    Synchronous CRUD Services for direct action
•    SharePoint Services

•    Authentication
•    Initial integration with Windows security
•    Web Authentication Form
•    Authorization
•    Custom F&I Role Base
•    Use DMSAX Role Names
•    Applied to “screens”
•    Data visibility applied for information protection
•    Information Protection
•    Personal Information is handled and requires encryption at rest and on the wire

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