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Contributed by Ravi Petlur on 10 Sep 2013

I posted the use of AppDynamics in DevOps last time and then, i came across this tool - SPLUNK. When I initially heard about it from a friend that it was more of log management, I wasn’t curious as I have so many Open Source tools which do that. So I thought why should I pay for a tool which just does log management. But then I used it and all my views changed. It’s a great tool for Developers, let apart what Ops can do with it (This comes from the heart of a developer :) ).  I found it to be very extensible and useful in building that DevOps bridge.

Splunk SDKs make it faster and more efficient to program using the Splunk REST API using constructs and syntax familiar to developers who are experienced in Java, Python, JavaScript and PHP. This makes it easier to integrate data from Splunk with other applications across the enterprise. Integrating Splunk data with other business applications allows various stakeholders to access operational insights in ways that are specifically meaningful to their role and function. For example, call center support representatives can use Splunk search results in their current CSR tools to more quickly identify issues, resulting in lower support costs and higher customer satisfaction.

•  The Splunk SDKs for Python, Java, C#, JavaScript, PHP and Ruby enable developers to search, manage and visualize Splunk data via custom and third-party applications.

•  The Splunk REST API returns data in JSON, ATOM XML or CSV formats.

•  Log on to Splunk from any application residing on any device or machine

•  Build a custom UI for Splunk on any web stack.


Developers can extend the Splunk platform to:

•  Run real-time searches and retrieve Splunk data from line-of-business systems like customer service applications to gain insights into user experience and system health.

•  Integrate data and visualization like charts and tables from Splunk into BI tools and reporting dashboards to support decision making in businesses.

•  Build mobile applications with real-time KPI dashboards and alerts powered by Splunk

•  Visualize and analyse data logged directly to Splunk from remote devices and applications via TCP, UDP and HTTP.

•  Build customer-facing dashboards in their applications powered by user-specific data in Splunk.

•  Programmatically extract data from Splunk for long-term data warehousing.


There are some good projects which are published by Splunk with the above implementation in GITHUB:

In further posts you will see implementation of Splunk by us…. Stay tuned….



- Contributed by Ravi Petlur

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