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J.A.M.- Lightning fast & Distributed Architecture for building eCommerce Stores

Contributed by Vinci Rufus on 4 Jun 2013

A couple of months ago we demonstrated J.A.M. ( JSON AngularJS and Magento) during Magento’s Imagine conference and it was very well received.

This post elaborates further from my talk at Imagine.

Getting traffic to the site is usually where most of the effort  of an eCommerce Store owner goes, but it would be a crime if you are unable to serve and convert that incoming traffic into orders.

The two things that give eCommerce Store owners sleepless nights are:

  1. The site going down due to a sudden rush in traffic, especially during a sale or promotion.
  2. Pages loading slowing and causing visitors to drop off.

Unfortunately given the way how Databases and Web servers work, there will always be a threshold limit beyond which they will fail.

Keeping the above two problems in mind, we at Neev have been working on a new architecture which will allow sites to scale up (nearly infinitely) and also continue to load at lightning fast speed.

The fundamental principle behind this architecture is to move the workload from the server on to the client site, so that server resources are freed up for tasks where the server is really needed. The other idea was to take advantage of the Cloud in the true sense and replicate the site across multiple edge nodes so that the web server now is no longer a bottle neck and a single point of failure.

Here are some of the benefits of using J.A.M.


Lightning Fast:

Comparing JAM to Magento’s demo store as you can see below its nearly 100% faster than the regular store.


Distributed Architecture:

JAM’s can be customized so that the entire catalog can be converted into JSON files, and that along with the front end application code comprising of the HTMLs, JavaScript, and CSS can be served directly from a Content Delivery Netwok (CDN). This means that atleast the first 2-3 pages of the site can be directly served from a CDN without the need for a Web server.

Amazon (AWS) has been promoting the use of its S3 buckets and Cloudfront to serve static websites. Here is a post from Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon talking more about it. While Amazon has been pushing this for static websites we just took it a step ahead and built an entire eCommerce Site on it.



Platform Agnostic:

Because JAM uses technologies like JSON and JavaScript, it is not tied down to a server side technology stack like PHP, Java or Python; it can work with any backend platform as long as we can get the data out in JSON format.

Feel freel to give JAM a spin or view the slides from the talk at Magento Imagine 2013



I’ll be here at the IRCE 2013 conference in Chicago, so if you want to catch me, give me a shout at @areai51





Visit us at to know more about our offerings.

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