Integration of Facebook with iPhone applications

Contributed by admin on 26 Apr 2013

Facebook seamlessly integrates with iPhone applications in iOS6, but it is quite focused on providing complete  protection to its users also . Even though Facebook may want all the data, iPhone applications do ensure that it doesn’t get access to every detail.

Facebook only gets access to sharing of any text, location and photos and it can link any apps that user uses through the Facebook login. There is one big red button available on iPhone applications that need to be pushed to prevent Facebook from any kind of access to calendars, contacts as well as sharing menus that appear in notification center and apps. It is also possible to have complete control of access from contacts, calendars and Facebook apps separately.

Offshore iPhone development concentrates quite a bit on building iPhone applications that may include Facebook integration and therefore on most points Facebook and Apple integration does offer plenty of benefits. Undoubtedly, in many ways Facebook is the perfect partner for iphone applications because it definitely offers two major benefits of calendars and contacts and at the same time it doesn’t seem to force the user from not using any other email client.

Facebook integrated iPhone applications definitely work fantastically and most users seem to be happy with this integration.

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