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Is iOS5 leapfrogging Android?

Contributed by Neev Technologies on 11 Mar 2013

When Apple presented iOS 5 — the latest version of its mobile operating system — It couldn’t be  pointed out that how many features and elements it seemed to borrow from other platforms and apps. But  after examining the software : The combination of those features with Apple’s special touch should have Android — the biggest competitor to iOS — is a truly  wow feeling. Yes,  realizing that when it comes to a lot of features — notifications, in particular — it seemed like Apple was playing catch up with Google’s baby. But with iOS 5 Apple isn’t just catching up — it’s leapfrogging Android.

Of course, not everything  I am taliking about to list will make everyone’s jaw drop as the earth shakes, but, along with the nearly 200 other new features found in iOS 5? They form the most compelling mobile operating system available today.

The notification system in iOS 5 is one of the bigger features to be added since iOS 4. It’s a well-designed and perfectly integrated scheme of notifications, alerts and popups which revolve around one central drop-down pane — which Apple has dubbed the Notification Center.

New emails, text messages, multimedia messages, reminders, Game Center notifications, mail alerts, Twitter notifications and any other sort of items which could normally trigger a push notification can find their way into the Notification Center. They’ll be called to your attention on your iOS lock screen, via a regular pop up alert, or with a small non-intrusive banner which briefly flashes across the top of your screen.


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