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Six most important things about outsourcing app development

Contributed by Neev Technologies on 18 Feb 2013

Outsourcing has become need of the hours. Competition and cost pressure has forced Organisations to has started focusing functions other than their core capabilities. Application development has become one of the important requirements of organisation because of various marketing and operational reasons. This blog lists six important points about outsourcing application development.


  1. Make sure you are very clear on your total budget for the project and how long you are looking for the project to take.


  1. At the very top of the project brief to the company, it is always best practice to be clear and upfront about what work is required. Outline what you expect the agency to do, and also what the agency can expect from you. This should be discussed before the project begins; it just ensures that everyone knows who’s doing what.


  1. Make you agency sign a Non Disclosure Agreement: In some circles they are considered unnecessary, but I would recommend signing one. If anything, it shows that you’re serious about your project and are ensuring things are done the right way and are all above board.


  1. Keep a very detailed project brief together and provide prompt and clear feedback to outsourced partner. Get together clear and concise amends documents and send them through in a timely fashion so you’re developer is never waiting on feedback, 9 times out of 10 it always takes longer than expected to complete your project so make sure you’re on top of it.


  1. As a reward for certain sections of the app being completed, it’s always good to set up a staggered payment plan. It really keeps things moving and ensures that your agency doesn’t get pissed off because they are not getting paid for work completed. There’s really only a need to set up 3 or so over the various stages. Staggered payments also ensure there’s a motivation there to get to the next stage. It protects both employer and the development partner.


  1. Let your development team send you a number of test versions of your app, you will need to send them your phone’s details so they can list your phone as a test device. The first beta is always the best! That lovely moment when your baby gets delivered is great. There will be some things wrong with it. Don’t panic, just screenshot the issues on your device and document it in an amends. I find a visual reference always works best when fixing bugs.


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