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RSS: Really Sad Separation Swartz

Contributed by Neev Technologies on 13 Jan 2013

Twenty-six-year-old computer prodigy and Internet activist Aaron Swartz was found dead in his apartment in New York on 11th January 2013.

Swartz was set to go on trial later this year on federal charges that he stole millions of scholarly articles from JSTOR, an online archive and journal distribution service, in an attempt to make the articles freely available to the public.

As a young teenager, Swartz helped create RSS; a family of Web feed formats used to gather updates from blogs, news headlines, audio and video for users.

He co-founded the social news website Reddit, which was later sold to Conde Nast.

He was the co-founder of the political action group Demand Progress, which campaigns against Internet censorship.

Swartz was also significantly involved with a campaign to prevent the passing of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) bill that sought to monitor the Internet for copyright violations. Following the defeat of the bill, Swartz was the keynote speaker at the F2C: Freedom to Connect 2012 event in Washington DC, US on May 21, 2012—Swartz’s speech was entitled “How we stopped SOPA”.


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