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Issues in Mobile Application Development

Contributed by Neev Technologies on 1 Nov 2012

One of the biggest issues in mobile application development is how to build mobile apps that works across all mobile devices. This demand from product development a company is rising with the advent of brings your own device (BYOD), a policy that many organizations favored.


Mobile devices have differing operating systems, differing screen sizes, differing attributes, such as GPS. Developing a mobile app that runs on many devices provides the cross-platform capability to make more mobile apps available to users, but it creates a lot of work for developers.


Solution to the mobile app development problem, and other problems around mobile computing, is to move the apps and their data, normally stored on the mobile device, to servers running in a mobile cloud. With this solution, when an app is made available on a mobile cloud, users can access the app and its data via browsers running on many different mobile devices. Tools needed to help make this solution work, such as MEAPs and HTML5 will be discussed in our next blog post. So keep checking this space for updates about mobile application development.

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