Businesses lack confidence in the cloud ecosystem

admin wrote this on 2 Oct 2012

According to a CSA and ISACA research  businesses lack confidence in the cloud ecosystem across a variety of market aspects, including government regulations keeping pace with the market, exit strategies, international data privacy, legal issues, contract lock-in, data ownership and custodian responsibilities, longevity of suppliers, integration of cloud with internal systems, credibility of suppliers, and testing and assurance.

The vast majority (85%) of survey respondents identified themselves as cloud users, but further levels of adoption are being hamstrung by a lack of clarity in terms of how to remedy the concerns.

Overall, the report found that while there are many positive indicators that support the planned adoption and perceived value of cloud services in the years ahead, much progress remains regarding engaging and gaining buy-in among business leaders.

Cloud users recognize the value of this model, but are wrestling with such questions as data ownership, legal issues, contract lock-in, international data privacy and government regulations.

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