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5 Things to keep in mind while migrating Magento from Community to Enterprise

Contributed by Vinci Rufus on 27 May 2012

Many portals who start off using Magento Community Edition and are doing very good, would eventually would like to migrate to the Enterprise Edition for the obvious benefits available out of the box in the Enterprise Edition.
While migrating to Enterprise Edition is possible, it isn’t straight forward and requires a seasoned Magento Team to handle such an exercise.
During the migration one must also be aware of the following items that is likely to cause problems when not taken into consideration.

  1. First check the current version of the Community Edition and the new Enterprise Edition version you are looking to upgrade to. If you are trying to upgrade from a really old version of Community Edition say 1.3 or below to a newer version of Enterprise say 1.11 or 1.12 you are going to run into a lot of problems. Magneto has added quite a few features over the years and has also made significant changes to the core .
  2. Make a list of the custom modules, extensions that are present In your current installation and ensure they are manually added in after the upgrade. A common mistake most novice Magento Developers do is they write all their custom code directly in the files located in the core folder. While upgrading or migrating Magento replaces the files In the core folder, thereby overwriting all the custom code that has been written.
  3. There is a fair amount of difference in the Database schema of Magento Community and Enterprise Edition, so simply using the same database will not work. While most of the core tables are common, the Enterprise Edition has a couple of additional tables that need to be present to work.
  4. The themes are quite incompatible between the two versions and you’ll have a fair amount of re-work while migrating the themes to the Enterprise Edition.
  5. The encryption algorithm in the Enterprise Edition is different from the Community Edition which means after you’ve migrated all the users to Enterprise, they will not be able to login using their existing passwords, they will all need to reset their passwords before they are able to login into the new Enterprise Edition.

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