Twitter Introduces New Mobile Layout!

admin wrote this on 12 Dec 2011

Twitter has pushed out a new layout for its mobile applications and will be pushing out the new design to all of its users over the next few weeks.


The new layout introduces three new buttons: Home, @Connect and #Discover. The Home button takes you to your main Twitter feed. The @Connect button shows you all the interactions you’ve had with other users (favorites, conversations, etc.) and displays suggested accounts. The #Discover section features trending news stories and hash tags.

On the mobile app, direct messages, saved searches, personal lists and profile information have been moved to the “Me” section. That’s a bit inconvenient for people who use DMs for a lot of communication, since a user’s inbox is much more difficult to access in the new layout than in the old one.

The layout changes are certainly going to affect mobile applications. Let us know your thought on Twitter New Look in comment section.

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