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Cloud and Business Continuity!

Contributed by Neev Technologies on 27 Nov 2011

A major risk to business continuity in the cloud computing environment is loss of internet connectivity (that could occur in a range of circumstances such as natural disasters) as businesses are dependent on the internet access to their corporate  information.  In addition, if vulnerability is identified in a particular service provide by the cloud service provider, the business may have to terminate all access to the cloud  service provider until they should be assured  that the vulnerability has been rectified.

There are also concerns that the seizure of a data-hosting server by law enforcement agencies may result in the unnecessary interruption or cessation of unrelated  services whose data is stored on the same physical machine.

There had been a number of reported incidents of cloud services being taken offline due to DDoS attacks. Although DDoS attacks already existed, the cloud computing environment is a new attack sector that may have a more widespread impact on internet users.

The security measures adopted by different cloud service providers vary. If ‘a cybercriminal can identify the provider whose vulnerabilities are the easiest  to exploit, then this entity becomes a highly visible target. The lack of security associated with this single entity threatens the entire  cloud in which it resides.

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