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admin wrote this on 6 Oct 2011

Mobile websites are becoming indispensible for business .Mobile search has increased many folds in last one year. We are sharing following tips to get you started that can help maximize your potential on the mobile web.

1. Have Mobile-Formatted Content:Offering a mobile-specific version of your site not only makes it easier for your readers but also encourages Google to give you top billing, as it is the best result for searchers.

2. Don’t Forget rel=canonical:When building your mobile-formatted content, you need to make sure you don’t accidentally create a duplicate content issue for yourself.

3. Focus on Mobile Keywords:When seeking keyword ideas using Google’s Keyword Tool, click on the “Advanced Options” link, and set it to show statistics for “All Mobile Devices.”

4. Leverate Predictive Search:Mobile searchers rely on predictive searching much more heavily than desktop searchers. As such, it’s important to structure your keywords so they are likely to show up in a predictive search.

5. Create an Effective Mobile Sitemap:It is important to use the correct formatting, as doing it improperly can result in your links disappearing from the search engine rather than appearing in it.

6. Consider a .mobi Domain:The .mobi top-level domain (TLD) was designed as a designation for mobile-only domains. Having and using the .mobi TLD sends a clear signal to search engines about what this version of the site is for, making it more likely to be listed in mobile results.

7. Avoid Flash, Large Images:You’re best off building your mobile site in HTML5, keeping your images a reasonable size, and shortening your ALT tags to ensure they display neatly.

8. Focus on the Web, Not the App:

Finally, though it’s tempting to join the trend and build a great native app for iPhone, Android, etc., it is important to focus more on your website first, not an app.

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