450 million Smart phones by year 2015:McKinsey

Contributed by admin on 28 Jul 2011

According to a new report from management consultancy firm, McKinsey, the number of smartphone users in India could go up to 450 million by year 2015. This would lead to a spurt in digital content consumption, which might rise as high as $9.5 billion.

The report also says that currently just about 7 percent of the population has web access.  In China 32 percent of the population enjoy net access, while in USA the figure stands at 77 percent. However, being a laggard in Internet connectivity does not seem to have had much negative impact on the typical Indian appetite for all kinds of digital content.

Indians, on an average, consume 4.5 hours of digital content daily, according to McKinsey. The consumption happens through TV, CDs, DVDs and digital music. As the mobile connectivity improves, many Indians will start accessing music, movies and TV content on their smartphones and that will lead to the country becoming the first truly mobile digital society in the world.

The order go generate revenues for mobile companies on a sustainable basis, it is necessary to have content in regional languages. McKinsey is of the opinion that as the country has as many as 23 official languages, there is urgent need for local content.

One of the fastest growing cell phone markets in the world, India has more than 598.77 million GSM subscribers. According to the data released by the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI), the country added 8.58 million new GSM connections during June.

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