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Rails Best Practices - My Favorites

Contributed by Khurshidali Shaikh on Jul 6 2011

Here are my favorites slides numbers

  • #13 - Move finders to named scope
  • #15 -...

What is Mashup?

Contributed by Neev Technologies on Jul 3 2011

A new breed of Web-based data integration applications is sprouting up all across the Internet. Colloquially termed Mashups, their popularity stems from the emphasis on interactive user participation and the monster-of-Frankenstein-like manner in which they aggregate and stitch together third-party data. The sprouting metaphor is a reasonable one; a...

Infocast Orbiter : Infographic based depiction of live Stock exchange feed

Contributed by Neev Technologies on Jul 1 2011

Infocast is a leading solutions provider for the securities industry.
They offer a total solution to all industry participants dealing with stocks and securities. Using innovative technology and expertise, they develop total solutions to cater to all participants in the market. Infocast helps automate securities trading, while...