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State of Mobile Games in India

Contributed by Anoop P B on 30 May 2011

Though mobile gaming in India is still in its nascence (SMS still constitutes the largest chunk of the VAS pie, mobile gaming is approximately 1%) With the onset of 3G, the mobile gaming industry is estimated to grow by many folds in coming year, say industry experts. Today variety of games are available and many games are offered for free downloads, making games very popular among the mobile users.


Statistics and frequency of playing games:

Let us take a look at some real statistics on mobile games. Based on data gathered in April 2009 for Feb/March mobile game users it is found that approx 30 million urban Indians use their mobile phones to play games on a daily basis (12.5%). The Indian gaming industry though at its cusp, is showing huge potential in sheer market size. Looking at data in the February- March 2009 time frame there were a total of 105 million Indian consumers playing games on their mobile phone, of this 30 million consumers played games on their cell phone almost daily. Following is frequency of playing games in India.

Frequency of playing games

Unique Users (Millions)

Played 1 to 3 times in last month


At least once a week


Almost daily


This statistics is two year old and you can easily comprehend that the users must be double or triple of stated numbers.

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