Mobile Websites:Point of Parity or Differentiation

Contributed by Anoop on 21 May 2011

Using social media is one of the most popular things people do on their phones — and not just on smartphones .A new analysis indicates that more mobile Facebook users are posting by using the mobile site (a service that’s friendly to Web-enabled feature phones, the next step down from smartphones) than all of Facebook’s smart phone and tablet apps combined.

Social media researcher Dan Zarella recently posted the results of his analysis of a random sample of more than 70,000 Facebook public posts (status updates, videos, links and photos) made by Facebook users who have open privacy settings.

He found that one-third of all posts were made from mobile devices — and about 19% were made via

Facebook’s Android, iPhone and Blackberry apps are the next most popular mobile posting tools, supplying slightly more than 4% of posts each, for a total of about 13% of all posts.

Keeping in mind of user’s propensity towards mobile sites having mobile website it has become imperative to have a mobile website as well.

Different mobile platforms impose their own parameters on the end-user’s browsing experience. To convey a seamless experience and ensure that the highest levels of security and usability are provided, Neev Technologies develop mobile interfaces for websites that adapt to the constraints of browsing from a mobile device.

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