FaceBooker xd_receiver path

A team back here is buiding an application with FBConnect using Facebooker plugin. After successfully authentication from FB, this plugin expects xd_receiver.html (for taking care of cross domain issues)  in the same path where the current url is.

We have this file under / as www.domain.com/xd_receiver.html and hence login url for FBConnect from the homepage would work fine. The app also has a FBConnect button from /xyz page and this would fail as Facebooker was looking for xd_receiver.html at www.domain.com/xyz/.

We tried in vain to make this an absolute URL by modifying the init_string in the file fb_connect.rb. As a workaround, we have currently we have copied the same file in two places and the app is up and running with FBConnect.

Has anyone faced this before? Is there a better solution?

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