Magento Extensions We Use – Navigation – Part – 4

Contributed by Govind Dalwani on 6 Aug 2013

The Magento extensions we use for navigation are:

1.) Infinite Scroll Extension



Project Name:

Extension URL:


The Infinite Scroll Extension improves the conversion rates of shops that list many articles. This extension works with filters, list and grid views of web stores. This extension helps to increase your conversion rate with Infinite Scroll for Magento!

Why we chose this extension:

The client’s requirement was to display all the products on the category listing page without pagination. On the category listing page, when the page is scrolled down, the next set of products load through AJAX on a page refresh. This extension had good support from the developers.

Customization done in this extension:

We customized this extension; the UI was modified as per the website theme. AJAX was loaded and added on page scroll and customized messages were also added.

Other extensions available:


2.) Color Switcher


Neev Technology

Extension URL:


The Color Switcher Extension changes the product picture based on the color that the user selects

from the drop down menu.

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