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4 Tips for B2B Websites!

Contributed by Neev Technologies on 15 Jan 2012

Don’t be afraid to be Bold: A bold design can be obtained with very little money, especially for those who aren’t necessarily experienced in coding. For example, webpages operating on a Word Press can find a host of free templates that offer a wide range of customizable options to suit any business.

Use HTML5 with care: HTML5 offers a lot of exciting flexibility that can make a website truly interactive. Seamlessly embedded videos, drag-and-drop interfaces and dynamic message posts are all achievable via HTML5, and with relatively little code work. But take help of professionals.

Cut the fat : The traditional layouts for websites often call for separate pages that encapsulate the “About,” “Contact” and other informational areas of the website.HTML5 can help create a one-page website that cleverly contains all necessary information via pop-up boxes or other media, but the amount of information that can be on a one-page website is still relatively limited.

Tie in Social Media Intelligently: Social media should absolutely be a presence on a business website, but it should not be a dominating presence. Integrating social media, whether in graphic links or a social ticker, should be done with the user’s eyes in mind.

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