Neevtech Blog » The iPhone is a Tablet small enough to hold up to your ear?
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The iPhone is a Tablet small enough to hold up to your ear?

Contributed by Santo on 7 Dec 2010

Paul Graham’s notes/essays are always very insightful and give a unique perspective on how things are shaping up around us.

In his latest post on Tablets he has some interesting points to make

  1. Would we have looked at “mobile devices” differently if the iPad had preceded the iPhone?
  2. Ephemeralization”  will continue to inspire techies to create newer and newer use cases/applications for the Tablets
  3. The more versatile the tool, the less you can predict how people will use it i.e. affirmation that the iPad/iPhone are platforms and the way hackers(read app developers) end up using it will surely evolve over time and continue to surprise us e.g elimination of Reading Glasses.
  4. Access to controls and toolkits is a key. i.e. Apple can surely open up more here and help itself.
  5. There is a distinct possibility of an Apple monoculture in the offing and the only way to compete is to create a better platform.

Please do go read the whole article here

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